MCK Kitchen & Bath receives CKCA’s Quality Assurance Certification
January 13, 2021 | 3:45 pm CST
Testing methods simulate conditions when cabinets are installed as per the manufacturer’s specifications as well as ambient conditions and normal use, wear, and maintenance of the cabinets when used in a normal application.
HALIFAX, NS -- The Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association announced that MCK Kitchen & Bath (formerly Mike’s Country Kitchens) of Halifax, has earned CKCA’s highest acknowledgement for quality performance of their “Signature" product line.  MCK has been in business 32 years and said it is proud of the creative, energetic and passionate team of individuals who work with them. Recipients of other awards and accolades over the years including an eleven-time consumer choice award winner, MCK said its goal is to create the most comfortable relations, atmosphere and trust between their company and their clients, making dream kitchens a reality.
“MCK wanted to take that trust and confidence our clients already have and amplify to the next level by having a Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association certification to demonstrate this'" said Jon Ryan, MCK's president. "It solidifies what we tell our clients already by having authentic, third party testing facilities rate and grade our product so we can confidently explain why our product is professionally certified and how that separates us from most, if not all local Kitchen manufacturers. It is important to us at MCK, to continually grow, advance and offer everything we can and more to our customers.”
The CKCA Certification Testing Program is based on the CKCA Construction and Materials Standards for Kitchen Cabinet and Vanities. The standard was developed by a technical committee composed of various stakeholders within the Canadian kitchen cabinet industry including manufacturers, suppliers, housing authorities, environmental agencies, consultants and other industry experts.  Other details:
• Testing cabinetry is done by a third party ISO Certified facility in Mississauga called Element, one of the world leaders of independent testing, inspection and certification services.
• CKCA believes that Canadian built kitchen cabinets can be of the highest quality and can rival and surpass imported cabinetry.
• Testing methods simulate conditions when cabinets are installed as per manufacturer’s specifications as well as simulates ambient conditions and normal use, wear and maintenance of the cabinets when used in a normal application (standard is not intended to be used to measure
or certify safety requirements for kitchen cabinets and vanities).
• To be eligible for certification you must be a member in good standing of the CKCA and be engaged in manufacturing factory finished cabinets in Canada.
• This is a voluntary standard to uphold. Currently there are 12 manufacturers across Canada with this designation.
“CKCA is very pleased to welcome MCK Kitchen & Bath into the group of CKCA certified members.," said CKCA president, Heidi Boudreault. "We know Canadian kitchen cabinet manufacturers build quality. Our industry designed and third party-tested quality assurance program gives manufacturers a benchmark that allows them to further validate the performance of their products to enhance credibility and demonstrate transparency with their customers"
CKCA established in 1968, is a national trade association representing the kitchen cabinet industry in Canada. CKCA works to inspire progress and innovation in the industry, by promoting excellence, facilitating continuous improvement and working to ensure high standards for design and manufacturing are upheld.

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