VANCOUVER, B.C. - Engineered wood building products manufacturer Luxor Industrial  (TSX:LRL.V) ( OTC:LXRRF)  has adopted Millennium Fire  Advanced Framing Lumber coating to protects its architectural wood products from fire. 

Millennium Fire says its core product, MAFL16, has five ingredients, one of which is a technology developed by No Burn Inc. that defends against fire. Additional  ingredients create a protective coating that defends against, mold, ultra violet and moisture, protecting the lumber during construction exposure. This

MAFL16 coating also allow Luxor’s architectural products to meet the California Wildland, Urban Interface Codes, which have been adopted in eight Western States as a result of massive wild fires. Luxor will also market its architectural products in regions where fire codes have not been introduced so the national specifying community can select this advance lumber protection on their exterior wood details.

The current exchange rate and Luxor’s factory proximity to the United States border provides an additional advantage in manufacturing these products for export. Millennium Fire president Steve Conboy says, "No Burn is by far the best technically in the fire coating industry and Millennium is now their only OEM in North America. Luxor’s management team has experience with coating lumber and recognizes the value in coated wood to protect against things like fire and mold.” 

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