ST-HYACINTHE, Quebec -  A $3.16 million expansion plan has been announced for upgrading manufacturing and computer technologies, at William Millénaire, a customer architectural furniture firm in St-Hyacinthe.
The Government of Canada will provide $500,000 in repayable funding towards a total investment of $3.16 in a project expected to create about 10 jobs.
William Millénaire specializes in the design and manufacture of furniture and other upholstered products for the residential, commercial and institutional sectors. The company is highly sought after by its commercial and institutional clients for its integrated line of furniture and architectural cabinetry components made almost exclusively from Canadian raw materials. 
Founded in 1981 by Patrice Fontaine, William Millénaire started out in the granite sector. The William subsidiary, specializing in upholstered furniture, was created in 1998, and quickly built an excellent reputation thanks to the beauty and quality of its sofas, easy chairs and other upholstered products. William's creative process is led by house designer Francine Gagnon. William Millénaire also works with prominent designers and architects on custom and turnkey projects that meet client requirements.
The manufacturing upgrade receives funding allocated by the Government of Canada under CED's Quebec Economic Development Program project consists in acquiring and installing new-generation equipment as well as implementing IT solutions that will make it possible to digitize and optimize the management of production operations. William Millénaire also plans to expand the current plant and add a showroom. CED funding covers all of these activities.
William Millénaire says its mission is to create flawlessly stylish furniture with great care and attention to detail, to provide our customers comfort and harmony. The company prides itself on superior quality construction and environmentally-friendly materials. Working in modern, classic or transitional styles, its upholstered sofas, love seats, easy chairs, modular furniture, chairs and beds feature consistency in designs, shapes and materials to ensure they are timeless pieces that will never go out of style. 


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