The next College of North Atlantic Cabinetmaker Certificate Program begins in September 2018, offered at the Port Aux Basques campus in a state-of-the-art facility. The school notes to prospective stuents that a cabinetmaker is a prized craft person who can interpret plans and drawings, create patterns, and use modern woodworking machines to shape the components for the final product. 

Students in this program learn to work with contemporary woods, laminates and substitutes, and how to achieve the polished, finished look that can make an owner beam with pride. They produce new products and learn to repair and enhance older ones. The trade starts with a 9-week entry-level program. Graduates can then proceed to become Provincial Apprentices and pursue advanced training also offered by College of North Atlantic.

Upon completion of the entry level certificate program, a graduate may pursue Red Seal Certification by finding employment, registering as an “Apprentice” and completing the following Advanced Level training and required work experience. The apprenticeship may take 3-4 years and would lead to Journeyperson status in the trade. Registration information and program details are included here>>

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