TERRACE, B.C. - Skeena Sawmills' $10-million modernization plan has been delayed after last winter's heavy snowfall exposed serious weaknesses in the old sawmill buildings at its British Columbia operations. 
Operations vice-president Roger Keery told the Terrace Standard that the mill is re-engineering its plans and has structural upgrades in mind for the existing sawmill building, which will take place before the mill moves forward with its modernization.
“We had some problems with old buildings over the winter,” Keery told the Terrace Standard. “With the snow we had, some of the weaknesses in our older buildings became obvious. Our original plan was to use the existing buildings, but we are rethinking that now.”
Skeena Sawmills produces 200 million board feet of lumber annually, producing a wide variety of specialty wood products for the Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and North American markets. It's one of the only sawmills to produce Hemlock and Balsam products for the North American market.

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