CHICAGO -  Valspar is launching two new specialty paint products - Valspar Furniture Paint and Valspar Cabinet Enamel -  aimed at consumers for refinishing castoff furnishings and cabinetry. The oil-enriched satin finish paints are said to work on indoor or outdoor furniture.

Citing figures that show eight million tons of discarded furniture end up in landfills - trashed because of watermarks, dings and scratches - Valspar is positioning the paint as earth friendly and an economical way to avoid castoff furniture.

"These latest Valspar formulations are designed to arm both the most proficient as well as brand new DIY consumer with the ideal coatings to refinish, revive and reinvent an existing piece that might otherwise get kicked to the curb," said Russ Neale, Director of Product Management and Innovation at Valspar. "Furniture and cabinet makeovers account for more than half of the paint projects that consumers tackle on their own."

Neale says both paints require minimal prep time and yield completed surfaces requiring minimal maintenance over time.

"We wanted to be sure we were providing products that would give consumers the confidence to pick up a paint brush and transform something they love, avoiding 'Pinterest fails.'" 

Valspar's Furniture Paint is an oil-enriched satin finish paint formulated to provide smooth durable coverage that's resistant to spills, scuffs, stains and discoloration caused by moisture. It adheres to most surfaces, even laminate, with minimal priming and sanding needed, making it an ideal solution for upgrading furniture, whether for indoor or outdoor use. Two coats are required for best results.

Cabinets found in bathrooms and kitchens typically require a coating that withstands frequent cleaning and exposure to steam, and Valspar's Cabinet Enamel delivers that in one fell swoop. The paint comes in a semi-gloss finish featuring a non-yellowing formula, and like Furniture Paint, the coating adheres most surfaces with no priming and minimal to no sanding needed. Drying to a smooth factory-finish quality, one of the added benefits is that doors and drawers will not stick.

Furniture Paint and Cabinet Enamel are available in hundreds of Valspar color options and can be purchased for $24.99 per quart at Lowe's stores nationwide. and

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