LEESBURG, Va. – Composite Panel Association has published its 2017 North American Capacity Report, which summarizes the annual production capacity of particleboard, medium density fiberboard, hardboard and engineered wood siding and trim plants in North America, as reported by producers. CPA members represent 95 percent of all active capacity in North America. 

The report reflects an overall capacity increase of 3.32 percent in January 2017 compared to the same month in 2016. Total industry capacity is 9.237 billion square feet (BSF) (16,378 MCM) ¾-inch basis compared to 8.940 BSF (15,822 MCM) ¾-inch basis last year, an increase of 297 MMSF (million square feet) (526 MCM). 

Particleboard production capacity totaled 5.305 BSF (9,389 MCM) as of January 2017, up 10 MMSF (18 MCM), or 0.19 percent from the same month in 2016. MDF production capacity totaled 3.417 BSF (6,046 MCM) for 2017, an increase of 287 MMSF (508 MCM) or 9.2 percent from 2016. Hardboard capacity remained unchanged from 2016 totaling 3.093 BSF (1,052 MCM) ⅛” basis in 2017.

Capacity is defined as the maximum number of panels a plant could produce in a given year, as opposed to the amount of customer purchased panels a plant could ship, if operated under optimal conditions. Capacity of mills that have curtailed operations temporarily or permanently closed has been removed from the total 2017 capacity.

The complete 2017 North American Capacity Report is available only to members on the CPA website. See http://www.compositepanel.org.

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