The new National Woods Manufacturing Training Center has a home in a building in Colorado Springs. School starts in August 2017, but industry will play a large role. There are many ways to help, including donations of equipment, supplies and cash.

In November, hundreds attended an open house hosted by Peyton and Widefield school districts that featured presentations by the schools and industry, and drew hundreds of students, local officials, teachers and local woodworking companies.

It is the education and industry partnership that has created this new training effort.

In 2015, Dean Mattson joined Peyton Public Schools to use an empty school building in nearby Peyton, Colorado, as a new manufacturing educational center. Industry was involved from the very start, providing a variety of equipment available for training.

Peyton and Widefield School District later partnered, and Widefield students are now enrolled at the Peyton training center.

Tim Kistler, superintendent of Peyton School District, said that the two school boards have formed a partnership, and have 40 manufacturers that are taking part. Scott Campbell, superintendent of Widefield School District, said that the school will provide high-quality skills.

Mattson, who is Peyton’s director of woods manufacturing, reviewed the events leading up to this open house event, and issued a call to action on what is needed to keep the program moving ahead.

For now, there is no equipment in the building, which is near the Colorado Springs airport. Another open house is planned for February 8, 2017, and classes are expected to open August 17, 2017.

There are a number of ways interested companies and individuals can be part of this important effort. The training center is seeking help from local contractors, classroom technology, educators, volunteers and cash donations.

They need equipment, air for machines, dust collection, entry doors, flooring and tile, framing and drywall, plumbing, HVAC, power for equipment, lighting, and racks for lumber.

They also need financial support, help from local contractors, classroom technology and IT expertise.

Contact Dean Mattson, [email protected], Tim Kistler, [email protected], or Scott Campbell, [email protected], if you would like to help.

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