China's fake IKEA store riles furniture giantDELFT, NETHERLANDS -- IKEA, the world's largest wood furniture retailer, is mulling its legal options concerning a Chinese company that has launched a near mint rreplica of one of its stores.

"11 Furniture" is the name of the 1,000 square meter, four-story store in southwest China, but its bright blue and yellow motif smacks of IKEA's iconic brand colors. The store's furniture displays reportedly copy IKEA's and the store even has a cafeteria aila IKEA, though serving Chinese cuisine instead of meatballs.

One notable difference between the "Chinese IKEA" and the real IKEA is that it sells fully assembled furniture as opposed to the ready-to-assemble products that IKEA is best known.

China's fake IKEA store riles furniture giantIKEA currently operates nine nine stores in five Chinese cities and plans to add one to two a year moving forward.

IKEA said its legal team is looking into the matter to protect its intellectual property.


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