A new line of space-saving office and work furniture for the home or small office is designed to be flexible and allow maximum freedom in the choice of healthy working positions for its users.

Founder and entrepreneur Axel Koehler was impressed by the value of the modern, adaptive furniture made from solid wood. In the past year he began to build collection and a new company called Holzbureau, a name that stands for both the product developments and the philosophy of its founder.

Koehler had painfully experienced for himself how inconvenient and harmful to health a monotonous, sitting lecture theatre or home work place can be.

"By nature, we human beings are designed to move,” Koehler said. “Any kind of physical movement not only has a positive effect on one's personal health, but also on concentration, creativity and pleasure in working and studying."

Together with the Austrian partner Enthammer, this approach was developed into the idea of producing their own range of solid wood furniture especially for “sohos,” small offices and home offices, and marketing it starting from the premier at the IMM International Interiors Show in Cologne, Germany.

Current trends and the internet have led to more office workplaces are being set up in private houses and apartments. However, living space is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive, especially in large cities. So this requires intelligent use of the available living space. Home furnishing and furniture design must adapt to this development.

Skeletal diseases are a main cause of occupational disabilities or sick leave, a fact which is consolidated by increasing seated office roles, preferably at the computer. However, the possibility of flexible sitting and working positions reduces health risks, and enables a multifunctional use of office furniture by several people. And more and more companies are subsequently investing in this “activity based” office concept.

Also, the market for the sitting-standing office table is booming worldwide. However, even today there are no space saving, adaptive sitting-standing work places that can be used anywhere normal office tables would take up too much room. And due to increasingly smaller and more mobile computers and tablets, less table space is required for much upcoming office work.

Holzbureau GmbH from Gottingen was founded in November 2015, and has specialized in drafting, designing and selling space-saving, adaptive and sustainable office furniture that complies with today’s need for location-independent and flexible working methods.

The current product range encompasses wall-mounted drop-leaf tables, mobile frame tables, and wall bureaus. All products are equipped with hi-tech functional elements to guarantee a maximum service life, and most are stagelessly height adjustable. Apart from solid wood from sustainable forestry, Holzbureau uses mechanical components that are usually used in industrial applications.  The furniture line offers multi-generational usability, multifunctionality, mobility and flexibility, particularly unlimited height adjustment.

Customer target groups include traditional company offices, but also all user groups who require temporary office work spaces. In addition, the property business where limited space must be used flexibly, such as hotels, universities, libraries, care facilities, holiday apartments, accommodation and office containers.

In a first step, Holzbureau is initially concentrating on the German speaking region of Europe, but will grow with international customers. Holzbureau GmbH is in Gottingen, Germany,  www.holzbureau.com.

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