moisture content

Components & Sourcing

Setting moisture content in the plant

Q. We get our lumber at 6 to 8 percent MC. We check its moisture to confirm. So, should we set the plant at 7.0 percent EMC (halfway between), or should we set the plant a little drier, like 6.8 percent EMC because we want to discourage any drying at all?

Wood Dr

Drying lumber after large storm

Q. Due to a recent severe storm with lots of rain, some of our kiln-dried lumber in storage has increased its moisture above the acceptable moisture content. How can we dry this out?

Panel Supply

Warped imported panels

Q. Here is the story. We ordered some panels from overseas. They arrived in the container and looked pretty good, but then a few days after we took them out of the container they warped quite a bit and are unusable. We just checked the moisture and it was fairly low, around 7 percent MC. What is happening and what can we do?