The Peyton, CO School District has taken the first step to creating a woodworking program that will become national in scale. That first step was the opening of a dedicated woodworking school in Peyton, CO on the site of a former middle school campus. Enrollment in the current academic year is expected to reach 60 students. For the 2016-2017 school year, 120 students are expected.

The secondary-level educational program draws students from surrounding school systems to the program, formally called the Career Technology Education Facility. In addition to the woodworking program, courses in automotive technology are also offered. Tim Kistler is Superintendent of the overall program at the Peyton CTE.

The Peyton School District Woods Manufacturing Program is headed by Dean Mattson, the WMIA Wooden Globe Educator of the Year winner. Mattson is also a member of the Woodworking Career Alliance, and a certified tester - so students completing the program at Peyton will have ready access to the WCA tools mastery credentialling process.


Call for a National Woodworking Academy

What if the wood industry launched its own model of classroom education in a cutting edge training center? Award winning educator Dean Mattson challenges suppliers.


Mattson says the school has received commitments approaching $1 million in support from woodworking machinery and supplies companies in anticipation of a new national academy.  The Peyton School District expects to establish that national academy in January 2017.

The board of directors of the school district has provide strong support and advocacy for the creation of the national woodworking academy, and the for the Woods Manufacturing Program that launched this year. This has garnered significant backing from industry suppliers, with more than two dozen listed as partners who have readily supported the program in kind, and financially. On Oct. 26 an appreciation dinner will be held followed by an open house Oct. 27 at which suppliers will be able to tell students about the importance of the school and its missions to the woodworking industry.

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