“The biggest trend in the way coatings are changing is being directed by the EPA – mostly lowering the VOC contents of a lot of coatings nowadays," says John Darroch, CEO and President with Apollo Sprayers International.
Apollo Sprayers was founded with a mission to "provide the perfect finish," and at its state-of-the-art factory in Vista, California it has developed innovative Low Overspray HVLP products for Class A fine finishing. 
Darroch, who succeeded his father in the family owned and operated company, says, “Waterborne finishes are becoming the staple of the woodworking industry, so being able to spray those finishes and get good results with them is obviously a concern of all of our customers. 
"There's way less resistance to waterborne finishes now than there has been in the past. Spraying chemicals have changed so much; the formulations are a lot better than they used to be even five years ago."


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