Kevin McCalla, vice president of strategic marketing at Northwest Hardwoods says that automation is the biggest trend and he does not expect it to diminish in the woodworking industry.

With materials continuing to develop, he discusses the complexity in terms of options and materials that customers are faced with. He explains that outside of the traditional hardwood lumber that can be used, there are more options available in terms of type, species, and grade. Because of their application and how they are used, McCalla explains how the wood species Cherry, Poplar, and Walnut are trending in the industry.

According to McCalla, what is important for the company is to have on-time delivery, to have a tight supply chain, and to ensure that not too much capital is tied up into inventory. He explains that keeping close to the customers and helping them with the supply chain is crucial to product development.

The challenge he sees with customers is helping them sort through all the options available. In keeping a close connection with the customer and consulting them on their options, McCalla explains that the company is able to work alongside the customer to find the best way to develop a product.

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