Search Engine Optimization. It's a term we're all familiar with, yet not necessarily a practice we're competent in. 
As digital marketing evolves, it continues to become more specialized. 
And more specialized means that someone has really studied and learned and gained an in depth knowledge of their subject matter. So they're much more of an expert and much less of a generalist that "kinda sorta" knows what's going on. 
So what if you're just getting started with the digital aspects of your business? You "know" that your website needs to be optimized for search, yet you're not really sure how to achieve that. 
Here are some starter steps and insights, both in a fun video format and with written highlights from this insightful session between myself, Christian Smedberg and Lane Taylor. 

Recommendations for where to start include:

Set your goals for your company. Consider what you want search engines to help you achieve. Sell products? Inform customers about a service you offer?
Understand what search engines are trying to achieve. What is the result that the human "searcher" wants and will be happy with Google providing the information/answers to.
Generate keyword rich content. 
Check your meta descriptions so they're optimized.
Talk with your sales team to see what your customers are looking for. The terminology may be different from what you think it is.
Use regional targeting tactics.
And if you'd like to make progress with your own digital marketing efforts, I've got a great way to help you. I've put together a terrific, online digital marketing group where we come together to learn, to ask questions and to receive coaching and insights on specific marketing challenges you're facing. 
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