What does CabinetMaker+FDM stand for?

Welcome to our, and your, new magazine: CabinetMaker+FDM!

Instead of two magazines and two Web sites, we are uniting the strength of FDM and CabinetMaker into one unified brand - one media channel.

We will offer many of our stories in a more concise problem-solution format in the broad categories of production, management, materials and design. Instead of longer stories, we will have shorter, punchier articles that will be easier to read. We'll have more lists, quick references and the like. This isn't completely new. We've been doing shorter, more focused stories with more sidebars and lists for a while now, in both FDM and CabinetMaker. (You've noticed, right?)

We also plan to have more stories, and have them labeled in different ways for easier access. I used to think that taxonomy was something related to livestock, but it's actually about labeling Web site stories so people can find them easier.

We will have many of our columnists from FDM in the new publication, including Gene Wengert on wood subjects, Art Raymond on improving how your company works, George Koeninger's experience and opinions, and Sandy Stewart on tooling. We also hope to have the other columnists and contributors back for an occasional story that is in their area of expertise, along with new contributors.

You have the first edition of the new CabinetMaker+FDM in your hands, or on your screen. Coming up next is our new Web site, www.CabinetMakerFDM.com. We've done more than changed the way it looks. It's a completely new format that is more like a daily newspaper than a monthly magazine. The collection of information will be updated continuously. You can access it anytime. We're also planning three new electronic newsletters to supplement Shop Tips.

I still get emails out of the blue that ask, "What does FDM stand for?" Any future inquiries will be gladly answered. What does CabinetMaker+FDM stand for? We believe that it is your best source for important information on the woodworking industry. We hope you'll continue to be along for the ride.


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Karl D. Forth is online editor for CCI Media. He also writes news and feature stories in FDMC Magazine, in addition to newsletters and custom publishing projects. He is also involved in event organization, and compiles the annual FDM 300 list of industry leaders. He can be reached at [email protected].