Sales for many companies are slow, but that doesn’t mean you should fold up your tent and hide. Marketing or public relations today can pay off tomorrow when a potential customer remembers that you’re doing something right.

Here are a few ideas. Maybe you have some of your own that you’d be willing to share.

  • If you’re sourcing your lumber from Indiana and not Indonesia, say so!
  • Are your lumber and panel products certified in one of the programs? If you’re not telling customers you’re missing the bus.
  • Your product is American made? Canadian made? Brag, my boy!
  • You’re employing people in your own community, supporting families and paying taxes. These are all givens, but may be worth saying in a subtle way.
  • Have you made a green change in your operation recently? (This is the big one.) Switched to water-based finishes? Installed a new dust collection system?  Reduced the amount of material going into a landfill?  Recycled in some other way? If you don’t talk about it, no one will know.
  • You have some great people in the shop who have worked for the company for many years. Say so. Experience makes a good product.
  • Talk up training. Maybe Joe completed a course in operating the CNC router more efficiently, and Paul is in training on a new design software program. Well-trained people produce a better product.

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