It used to be that keeping up with the Joneses meant keeping up with your next doorneighbors. When they bought a new  refrigerator, you had to do the same. Oryou had to buy a color television set, or a new car with air conditioning.

TheJoneses moved away, but you still have to keep your businessup to date on the latest technology and the most current methods.

Today,there are websites, trade magazines, videos and online forums. And the live and in-person trade exhibition is a great placeto keep up to date with what’s new in industry. You don't know what you don't...know.

It’ssafe to say that this year’s International Woodworking Fair has hundreds ofnew products, services and ideas. Many apply directly to your business.

The IWF Challengers Awards alone include more than 60 of the top newproducts. Even if you only saw these new innovations, atrip to the show would be worthwhile.

There were a similar number ofinteresting new products a year ago when the Visionary Awards Nominees wereannounced at the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas. There are many more new products that you don't know about. Innovation is aconstant process.

So,prepare to get ideas that will help your business, and keep up with theindustry. You couldn’t keep up with the Joneses if you didn’t know that colortelevision had been invented.

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