Various homegrown solutions have addressed the problem of moving from shop to job site, from repurposed milk crates to amazing purpose-built rolling storage lockers. Some tool companies have also addressed the problem, trying to integrate their tool storage solutions with the needs of both shop and jobsite. One of the latest entries in the field is DeWalt with its Tstak system of stackable storage.

It’s a snap

Key to the Tstak system are locking lugs on the bottom of each case that mate with flip-up latches on the side tops of all the cases. Because the latches are centered on each side, they are very convenient and fast to reach for and use. Two snaps and you have engaged or release the case. While some competing systems use as many as four snap locks to secure the connection, these two seem to work just fine and are certainly faster to use.

All the cases in the system are made of tough polypropylene and are designed to stand up to the rigors of transport. Lids feature metal latches and some units with drawers are available with ball-bearing slides. A wheeled cart platform allows rolling several mated storage containers at once.

Versatility and ease of use

I’ve always been frustrated about the lack of easy portability of most power tools in their original cases. In most cases, you are left with a bunch of plastic briefcases of all different sizes that don’t stack well, slip and slide in the truck, and often give little hint of what’s inside. The recent trend to replace the plastic cases with nylon canvas bags is not much better. With the Tstak cases you can address those problems.

All the cases come with a clear label bar at the front, so you can remind yourself what’s inside. You can get plastic foam inserts to securely hold power tools so you can ditch the plastic briefcases and nylon bags. There are all sorts of loose part storage options built into the system, too, so fasteners and small hardware can ride along conveniently.

It’s a well thought out system that is definitely worth checking out. You can see all the options available at

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