There’s nothing like the right tool for the job until there isn’t a right tool. Some of the best new woodworking tools to come along in the last 50 years or so are those kinds of tools, the one’s designed to solve problems in an entirely new way. Eventually those great innovative tools are followed by similar products from other manufactures, but seldom is the late-comer as innovative as the original. That might not be the case with the new oscillating multi-tool from DeWalt.

What it is

DeWalt’s multi-tool is directly competitive with the Fein Multimaster, which invented the category of small oscillating woodworking devices with its popular triangle sanding pad that brought power sanding to tight places it never went before. DeWalt’s new tool goes way beyond sanding with wide variety of accessories and a very adaptable quick-change system.

For those not familiar with these kinds of tools, the idea is to use a very fine oscillation to do a lot of work in a little space. The rounded triangle sanding pad accepts all the conventional triangle sanding disks with a hook-and-look fastening system. You can also attack an array of saw blade and putty knife-type attachments.

How it works

Control is the watchword as you squeeze the trigger on the DeWalt oscillating multi-too. The variable speed trigger has two grip positions and allows you to easily control power from slow and delicate to everything the 3.0 amp motor has from 0-22,000 oscillations per minute.

Attachments connect and disconnect with the touch of a lever and no tools needed. The attachment allows for angular adjustment, and adapters are available to take even tools designed for other manufacturers’ tools. The unit comes with a 30-piece accessory kit and a nylon carry bag.

I love the LED headlight feature on the unit that illuminates what you are doing no matter how confined the space might be. The only thing missing is a provision for dust collection.

We tested the corded model DWE315K, which has a street price of about $140, but there is also a 20-volt cordless model available. Check them both out at

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