Heat guns aren’t the most common tool in the woodshop, but when you need one they come in real handy. The heavy-duty DeWalt D26960 is designed for professional use with extra features and a wide heat range that can be controlled precisely. It also comes with an accessory kit that expands its versatility.

Basic features

One of the best features of this heat gun is the digital control and readout for the heat range. The heat range is 150 degrees F to 1100 degrees F. Pushing the up and down arrows on the readout raises or lowers the temperature in 50-degree increments. Two switch settings control air flow so you can have low air flow to heat a workpiece slowly or speed up the process with the high setting.

A plastic heat barrel cover helps protect your hands from getting burnt. The barrel accepts a number of nozzles and tips to focus the air flow or spread it out as needed. Also included in the kit are a putty knife and a threaded handle to accept other tools that could be used for scraping and such.

One of the best features of the unit is a kickstand that not only allows you to park the unit safely, but also to use it as a stationary heat source. In some limited applications this mean the heat gun could actually be a safer substitute heat source compared to an open flame such as a propane torch.

Putting it to the test

Heat guns are the kinds of tools that gather more uses as you have them. In the woodshop, they can be used for paint removal, bending wood, accelerated curing of epoxy and forced drying of paint. They also work for label removal from metal and glass surfaces, bending PVC pipe and limited soldering applications, although a torch is probably more appropriate for most plumbing solder projects.

If any of those applications are something you might need, this unit is worth checking out. The street price for the heat gun, accessory kit and plastic case is just a little over $100. For more information, visit www.dewalt.com.

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