Trying to complete a project without the right tools and the right materials is almost always a recipe for disaster. Likewise, having the right products for the right market makes all the difference in a successful marketing strategy. But how do you solve those problems in today’s fast-paced and often uncertain economy? How can you sort through the forest of suppliers to find the one source you are looking for?

CabinetMaker+FDM has the answer in our Woodworking Product Source, an online product database that catalogs more than 4,000 products specifically for the woodworking industry. This issue is a gateway to the Woodworking Product Source. Unlike ordinary directories that point you to long lists of suppliers who maybe might have what you are looking for, this issue takes you straight to the products you are looking for.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for new machinery, special hardware, shop fixtures, or better sources of raw materials. It’s all here in the Woodworking Product Source. Check the categories in this edition for what you are looking for, then drill down to the sub-categories for more specifics. Finally, you’ll see samples of actual products in each of the listings. Chances are what you need is right there. Follow the Internet link to go directly to the product listing in the online Woodworking Product Source to get more information. Once there, you can click through directly to the supplier or you can use the Woodworking Product Source search tools to find more listings.

Remember, the products listed in the printed and digital versions of this directory are only a hint of what you will find in the full Woodworking Product Source online. For example, if you are looking for a CNC router, each of the supplier companies listed in this directory issue is showing one product here, but in the full database, they likely have more offerings for you to consider.

Don’t overlook the value of serendipity in this directory, either. Paging through the listings, you are almost certain to find something new to you that is worth exploring for your business. As long as I’ve been in this business, I still get surprised by things that are new to me but I find out have been around for quite some time. Explore all the alternatives and check out new opportunities, then connect fast to the suppliers you need.

That’s what the Woodworking Product Source is all about.

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