As popular as melamine is for cabinetry, it continues to present cutting challenges in the shop. Most experts agree that dedicated blades and saws, often with scoring features, are the best solution, but not every shop can afford a sophisticated panel saw. For shops that still must cut melamine with a conventional table saw, Delta has introduced a new line of full-kerf saw blades designed for clean, two-sided cuts and long life.

Different shape 

The most obvious difference in the new Delta blades is in the tip design. They are a modified triple-chip profile featuring beveled edges and a hollow-ground face. There is a 10-degree hook angle. Delta says the new design is intended to be durable, with extended run time and improved cutting distance while still being resharpenable by qualified industrial sharpeners. (Delta maintains a list of authorized resharpening centers.) Profile specs are laser engraved right on the blade for easy access by a sharpening shop.

Teeth sport C4 submicron “nano-grade” carbide tips, according to Delta’s spec sheet. That’s a lot of whiz-bang marketing speak to basically claim it’s a high grade of carbide. Delta also touts a higher level of quality control and precision in manufacturing these blades, including laser cut plates, harmonic body slots to reduce vibration and noise and a honed arbor hole.

Putting it to the test 

Using a SawStop contractor’s style saw with no special scoring attachments or other features, we tried the new Delta blade in a 10-inch 60-tooth configuration on a variety of melamine products. We got surprising smooth cuts on both sides of the workpiece with no tearout or chipping. As promised, the blade delivered low noise and no vibration we could detect. It definitely offers an alternative to consider for shops cutting melamine.

In addition to the 10-inch size we tested, the blades are also available in 12 inches, 220mm, and 300mm sizes.

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