New Atlanta attractions and restaurants
By Begina Armstrong
May 31, 2014 | 7:00 pm CDT

GeorgiaAquarium adds to Dolphin Tales show


TheGeorgia Aquarium now allows guests to go backstage to interact with the dolphinof the Dolphin Tales show in their new attraction called the Dolphin Encounterand Experience Program. This new interaction adds to the Dolphin Show byletting visitors participate in training sessions, supervised by animaltrainers, by feeding and petting the dolphins. For an extra fee you can havethe same opportunity with the aquarium’s sea otters population.


See Centennial Olympic Park fromaerial perspective


In July2013 Centennial Olympic Park received a new 200-feet-tall Ferris wheel. The newattraction comes with 42 climate-controlled gondolas that can fit as many assix people. There is even a VIP gondola with leather seating and a glass floorfor a more intimate experience while viewing the beautiful Atlanta skyline.Prices range from $14.45 for adults to $9.10 for children.


Atlanta Botanical Gardens addsnew characters to popular show


Startingin May, visitors can see Imaginary Worlds, which features sculptures crafted byplanting soil-and-sphagnum moss into nettingcovering steel forms shaped into exotic animals. There are 28 sculptures in theexhibit, including the new frog, gorilla, and orangutan’s figures.


Six Flags Over Georgia offers newseason dining pass


For guestswho plan on visiting the theme park at least four times, Six Flags Over Georgianow offering a cost-efficient way to help with food. The 2014 Season DiningPass allows pass holders to eat lunch and dinner with every visit to the parkfor an entire season. The pass is non-transferable and normally would cost $99,but is now $74.99 for the upcoming summer season.


Gain a new perspective on the humanbody


Bodies:The Exhibition is in Atlantaat the Premier Exhibition Center, for a limited time. This display shows an intricateview into the human body. With over 200 human bodies presented, this exhibitallows visitors to explore the complex structure of the human body.


Walkwith dinosaurs

Now open through December, Extreme Dinosaurs offers guests anew way to understand paleontology with its newest dinosaur exhibit. Byimmersing visitors into a realistic exhibit featuring the world’s most exoticdinosaurs brought back to life with life-sized animatronics.



PHOTOS:Vinetap, imaginary world

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