Q. We would like some help with a question regarding oven moisture checks. Our current process for calculating moisture content is that we first weigh the sample prior to putting it in the oven. When the sample comes out of the oven, we weigh it again while the piece is still warm to ensure that it doesn't pick up any moisture and calculate the moisture content as follows: Weight prior to oven - weight after it comes out of the oven / Weight after it comes out of the oven x 100 = Moisture Content percentage.

A. Your procedure is correct. Make sure that the oven is at 215 degrees F. Make sure that you leave the sample in the oven until all weight loss stops; failure to do this will mean a lower MC than the true value. Finally, you need weighing equipment that will give you a reading to two places beyond the decimal point when weighing in grams. In other words, a sample would read 67.53 grams.

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