As the economy improves I’m hearing lots of woodworkingbusiness owners are once again seriously thinking of getting back to investingin their businesses. They are looking into machinery upgrades and replacements.They are considering introducing new lines, and they are revisiting all oftheir old sources of supply to make sure they are getting exactly what theyneed and at the best price with top service.

All of that means doing lots of research. So, where do yougo to do that research? We say, “Look to the Source, the Woodworking ProductSource.” As the cover of this issue suggests, the Woodworking Product Sourcecan be the final piece of the puzzle that makes all the pieces of your businessfit just right. Maybe it’s that centerpiece CNC router you’ve been thinkingabout for so long, or a conveyor system that efficiently connects yourproduction. Maybe it’s finally getting rid of that headache of an old fussyedgebander and replacing it with a new and more efficient model.

Whatever it is you are looking for your first step should bethe Woodworking Product Source. We’ve designed it to be friendly to whateverway you like to search. It’s not like the old fashioned printed directoriesthat just list company contact information and no real specifics about theproducts those firms offer. If offers both print and digital links directly tothe information you need in whatever format you choose.

If you are among the many who still like to flip pages andbrowse for information, the print version of the Woodworking Product Source isfor you. Turn the pages to see dozens of categories and sub-categories ofproducts listed. Each individual listing is not just a company name, but it I adirect link to a specific product offered by that company. If you are readingthis in a digital format, such as on your computer, table or smartphone, youcan simply click on the link and go directly to online product information totell you more about the listing.

And since the listings are product specific, that firstclick might be all you need to find just what you are looking for. If the itemisn’t exactly right, or you want to see more, you’ll find even more searchtools online in the Woodworking Product Source. You can search by product orcompany or even browse broader product categories.

So, what are you waiting for? Finish putting the pieces ofyour business together with our Woodworking Product Source.

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