IWF 2014 isnow behind us, and was a tremendous success and a positive industry event,according to both attendees and exhibitors. From the time the doors opened on the first day, activity on the showfloor was energetic, positive and vibrant.  An overall sense of confidence, progress and sustainability could befelt throughout the show floor.  Attendees were eager to see new technology, connect with vendors, becomeeducated on new trends, and openly discuss needs to expand their businessesthrough efficiency and productivity. 

Building Afeatured the incredibly talented furniture and creations of young students inthe Design Emphasis Competition, as well as exhibitors showing new innovationsand trends in design and materials.

IWF 2014 wasrestructured to provide the lowest possible costs to exhibitors, and therebyencourage them to take more space, bring more products and machinery, andactively demonstrate more technology. This value proposition enabled many exhibitors to expand their spaceover 2012 levels.

As finalnumbers are being audited all indications show positive growth for IWF 2014over the 2012 show. The early reports show there were 920 exhibitors thatoccupied more than 448,000 sq. ft. of floor space with over 200 new exhibitingcompanies. From the international perspective there were 212 exhibitors representing32 foreign countries participating in the show. Both IWF 2012 and 2014 showedsignificant positive growth which bodes well for the International WoodworkingFair’s continued growth and expansion in the years to come.


IWF 2014 wastruly an international event with preliminary numbers showing registeredattendees from 70 countries, which represented approximately 10% of the total.  Registration was 10% higher than in 2012 andincreased in 47 of 50 states.


Exhibitorsstated that attendees were engaged and very interested in new products.  More than 108,000 leads were scanned byexhibitors who used the electronic lead retrieval system.  50% of the audience stated they expected tomake significant purchases in the next 6 to 12 months.  The show will certainly be a catalyst for newand positive economic growth in our industry in the months and years to come.


IWF 2014provided the largest group of educational symposiums and sessions in itshistory, and attendee enrollment met pre-show expectations. As education surveyresults are being compiled, the attendee responses are indicating they werehighly satisfied with the content of the programming.


TheCountertop Pavilion was a new addition and attraction for IWF and all availableexhibit space was completely sold out. Other new offerings for 2014 were theInnovation & Design Theatre in building A, the International Night and OpeningNight receptions. Looking ahead to 2016, new ideas and pavilions are alreadybeing developed.


IWF is along-term and valued partner of the city of Atlanta and the Georgia WorldCongress Center and contributes more than $40 million to the local economy. TheIWF rooming block exceeded IWF 2012.


IWFmanagement wants to thank our incredible team in Atlanta, our exhibitors andall attendees for making IWF 2014 a tremendous success.

See you inAtlanta in 2016, August 24-27!!!


About IWF-International WoodworkingFair®

IWF 2014 isoperated under a new partnership between the Woodworking MachineryManufacturers of America (WMMA) and the Woodworking Machinery IndustryAssociation (WMIA).  WMMA and WMIA membercompanies deliver machinery, tooling, supplies, software, technology, servicesupport, training and education to the woodworking industry. For moreinformation about IWF go online to iwfatlanta.com, email [email protected] or call 404-693-8333404-693-8333.

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