What will happen in 2015? Here are my predictions:


--The overall price of lumber will be higher in 2015 than itwas in 2014.

--The government will overreach on some little-knownregulation, creating difficulty, cost and heartache.

--A crisis in (fill in name of country) will cause stockmarket prices to fall and television anxiety to bubble up, but will have littlelong-lasting effect on demand for wood products.

--Finding quality employees will continue to be a problem, especiallyin an expanding economy.

--Woodworkers will look to technology and lean methods tocontinue to become more efficient.

--The multi unit sector of housing will remain strong.

--The lack of new good-paying jobs will continue to be achallenge for first-time homebuyers.

--AWFS in Las Vegas will be a success, adding exhibitors andattendees over 2013.

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