Last year CabinetMakerFDM broke the mold on annual directories by introducing a totally new concept that was more about finding what you need fast than just randomly searching. This year we’re making it even better.

Traditional directories in the woodworking industry have always emphasized companies within broad product categories. Chances are even if you found a possible supplier, you’d have to do more research or calls to locate the actual product you are looking for. Our directory is different. It’s based on the products first. Every listing represents a specific product along with the contact information you need to instantly connect with the supplier.

One click to connect

But the real magic of the new directory is how it is fully integrated with online resources. We all know how handy the printed page is for randomly browsing and happening on something you didn’t know existed. That’s how lots of folks use the directory to start. But when you really need to find something, it’s hard to beat the Internet. So, this directory has all the links you need to go online fast. In fact, if you use our free digital edition, all the links are live, making just one click to connect to specific listings at

More products, more suppliers

We’ve also upped the ante on listings. There are more companies represented and lots more products. The products you see on the page are just the tip of the iceberg. In what was already the largest product database in the woodworking industry, our online product listings currently comprise some 3,000 products in the system, and new ones are being added every day.

Most of these product listings include pictures of the products, a short description and detailed contact information for the supplier. Even better, you can join the conversation and add comments about products you are familiar with or check out comments others may have left. No other woodworking publication or website offers such an easy and comprehensive tool for finding the products you need.


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