Amy Snell, CAE
Amy Snell, CAE

With the recovering construction, housing and remodeling markets, members of the Wood Component Manufacturers Association are ideally suited to take advantage of improving business conditions. Many dimension and component manufacturers have diversified their capabilities and are looking for new applications for their products.

The latest WCMA Benchmarking Survey indicates that responding members are projecting increased dimension and component sales, an increase in net income, increased expenditures on equipment and services, and an increase in plant capacity utilization.

The survey responses indicate the majority of end-use applications of dimension and component sales are in Kitchen and Bath Cabinets (residential use, including closets), Contract, Commercial or Office Furniture (non-residential use), and Building Products (interior trim, mouldings, architectural millwork, windows, entry doors, staircase parts, flooring, etc.). WCMA members will receive the full details of the survey, which combined our previous Wage and Benefits Survey, Cost-of-Doing-Business Survey, and the Dimension and Components Industry Market Study.

WCMA member companies also understand the need to demonstrate their stability and staying power to customers. Companies that maintain their advertising and promotion spending will experience overall growth in their businesses at the expense of their competition, while increasing their market share. And customers who see their suppliers promotion efforts tend to feel more positive about the company’s commitment to the products and services and it puts them in a “top of mind” position when purchases are made.

The WCMA recognizes this need for more promotion and has increased its marketing efforts for WCMA members and the wood component industry as a whole. The new WCMA website,, allows component and dimension buyers an easy-to-use source guide where buyers can find producers based on products manufactured, machining, species and processing capabilities. We also continue to exhibit at trade shows, participate in many specialized woodworking industry events, and publish the Wood Component Buyer’s Guide each year. We pride ourselves on being the “one-stop shopping source for all of your component needs.”

What the WCMA Offers

Located throughout the United States and Canada, WCMA member companies produce rough, semi and fully machined wood component products for the cabinet, furniture, building products, staircase, flooring, millwork, store fixture and related decorative products industries, in a variety of hardwoods, softwoods, and engineered wood materials. By outsourcing components, wood product manufacturers are able to gain a competitive edge and combat the rising costs of doing business.

What follows is a list of WCMA Member Benefits. If you are not a WCMA member and manufacture dimension or components, you will want to join today!
Fall Conference & Plant Tour Event: The WCMA annually holds a Fall Conference & Plant Tour Event. For information on the 2015 event, see page 8.

Spring Annual Meeting: The WCMA has reintroduced the WCMA Spring Annual Meeting for members and Technology Partners. To learn more information about the 2016 event, see page 8.

WCMA Components Source Guide: On pages 14-18 is the WCMA Membership Directory & Source Guide, which includes a description of products and machining capabilities by member companies. This makes it easy for dimension and component buyers to identify the firms that produce the products they need and provides them with contact information.

Trade Promotion: The WCMA recognizes the need for increased promotion and has increased its marketing efforts for WCMA members and the wood component industry as a whole.

Exhibiting at trade shows throughout the world, participating in many specialized woodworking industry events and seminars, publishing the Wood Components Buyer’s Guide, advertising in major woodworking magazines, and maintaining a comprehensive website are just some of the ways the WCMA is promoting its members and the wood component industry as a whole. The WCMA also receives a number of sales leads through our website and trade shows, and these leads are then passed on to members.

WCMA Member Match™ Program: Sales inquiries from component buyers are received by the WCMA office on a daily basis. The WCMA’s Member Match™ Program is a system that provides prospective buyers with a list of all WCMA members who can produce the specific component products they need. The service is free of charge to component buyers and WCMA members, and can be accessed on our website in the Source Guide area.

WCMA Rulebook: The WCMA publishes the “Rules and Specifications for Dimension and Woodwork.”  The Rulebook covers dimension and component grading rules, tolerances and claim procedures for domestic and export trade. It also serves as a guideline for buyers of dimension and component products and is a valuable communications link between component buyers and suppliers. The pocket-sized Rulebook is available for $10.00 per copy to non-members, and is available free to members in the member section of the website,

To take advantage of these many member benefits, please visit the website today and fill out the membership application. You can also contact the WCMA office with any questions.
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Amy Snell, CAE is Executive Director, Wood Component Manufacturers Association,

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