Q: Would you happen to know the answer to this non-wood question? Given a choice of a single phase motor or 3-phase motor, which is best?

A: The Wood Doctor does indeed know the answer. No question about it...3-phase motors are better than identical horsepower single phase motors. Three-phase motors are smaller, less expensive (much less expensive often), have higher starting torque, are more efficient, use less current per phase, do not require a starting capacitor, and are easier to repair.

But here is the main concern...do you have 3-phase available? If available, then everything is positive for 3-phase motors, with no negative concerns. However, if 3-phase is not available on the lines outside your plant, it will often be extremely expensive to have the electric company bring 3-phase to your facility. It can be so expensive that it will be 10 years or longer before you can recover the costs through the savings of 3-phase motors. [Note: It is not easy to make 3-phase yourself from single phase line, although converters are available.]

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