Q: How can we use a kitchen microwave oven to oven dry our wood to get an accurate MC?

A: A microwave oven can be used when measuring MC, but if the wood is under 20 percent MC, I think that the electric moisture meter would be a better choice.

To use the microwave, you need an oven with variable power settings and with a carousel tray. Weigh the wood to be dried, put it into the oven on the outside of the trap at medium-low power (under 250 watts) for about 20 minutes. If there are several pieces in the oven, don't let them touch each other.

After 20 minutes, weigh the wood, dry it for one more minute and weigh it again. If the first and second weights are the same, then the wood is oven dried; use the weight to calculate MC. If the second weight is less, then continue drying in the oven until weight loss stops. If the sample starts to smoke, stop immediately and put it into water.

Do not use these for moisture calculation. The next time, use a lower power setting.

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