Q. We have some veneered panels and the veneer is actual narrow pieces of veneer that are glued into a large sheet. The problem we are having is that when we finish these panels after sanding, there is a region, perhaps 1/8 inch wide on each side of the glue line that interferes with finishing, so now the glue line is obvious. Any ideas?

A. I have not seen an actual sample of your defect, but based on your description, I believe I can tell you the problem and solution. When you sand the veneer, you are creating heat. Most likely the heat is because you have dull sandpaper...it needs to be changed more often.

The heat causes the glue to soften and maybe melt a little bit, which results in the glue spreading out slightly from the actual joint. Although an adhesive less sensitive to heating is a good idea, changing sandpaper more often, and maybe slowing feed speed, is the best idea.

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