FINLAND - Jukola Industries and Lunawood have launched a range of new thermowood products with living surface by combining Jukola's technology with Lunawood’s quality thermowood.
The new 3D surfaces are composed of specially machined thermowood profile boards, which can be applied to the interior as well as to the exterior allowing for a vast variety of combinations of diverse textures and patterns.
Jukola Industries and Oy Lunawood Ltd are both innovative Finnish companies: Jukola develops and produces wooden 3D textures, patterns, and graphics while Oy Lunawood Ltd is a pioneer in the thermal modification of wood.
Jukola says the thermowood 3D textures will suit modern and traditional style surfaces in private and public houses, hotels, restaurants, and offices. Lunawood’s non-toxic, VOC- and resin-free thermowood features absorbing qualities and is ideal for interiors.
Lunawood's Jukola portfolio features six beautiful textures and enables individual design for interior surfaces and exterior facades.

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