ATLANTA, Ga. - The wide range of waste separation systems is continually being optimised and expanded at Vauth-Sagel. The innovative and customisable modular system from the storage space specialist offers three different product families for virtually every requirement. The particular highlight is the tried and tested Öko liner, which has now been expanded to include the xxliner programme variant. This has succeeded in completing the magic trick of integrating – and comfortably moving – large-volume waste containers even in small kitchen cabinets. 
In addition to foodstuffs, consumables and household utensils and appliances, we all have to collect, store and ultimately dispose of waste and recyclables. Ideally, all the containers required for these tasks would simply disappear behind the front panels of the kitchen sink unit. Just exactly how the waste separation system is organised and how large the respective containers have to be depends on the habits of the inhabitants, the size of the household and the communal waste disposal and recycling guidelines and regulations. This demands a systems specialist such as Vauth-Sagel, whose competencies have included comfortable waste separation solutions for many years now. 

Öko xxliner – maximum performance in small spaces 

Although the Öko xxliner is one of the most recent Vauth-Sagel separation systems, it is also the big brother of the Öko liner. The Öko xxliner is aimed particularly at waste separation with large-volume containers, as it requires very little space on either side. The system is already available for narrow kitchen cabinets with widths from 450-mm and can also be installed underneath work surface areas in its own cabinet. Special container variants have been developed for the innovative waste separation system that unite maximum volume with minimum space requirements. Combined with the existing container programme, this will permit three-way separation for carcass widths of 600 mm and offer a total volume of 91 litres. 

Material competence – made by Vauth-Sagel

Vauth-Sagel has developed the Öko xxliner and all other waste separation systems at its own plants, constructing and manufacturing them in accordance with "Made in Germany" standards. Products include the plastic containers, carrying handles, inserts and lids, whereby high hygiene standards similar to those applied within the care and nursing sector are matter-of-fact. To this end, the containers are manufactured from special food-compatible plastic with smooth, and hence easy-clean, side walls, which can be cleaned using water at temperatures of up to 80 degrees. And in the case of the metal protective lids, Vauth-Sagel deploys its many decades of steel and sheet metal competence. For example, the quality products are double powder-coated and hence protected against damage for many years. 

EasyFit: simple installation, effortless adjustment 

In addition to the visual and quality features, the Vauth-Sagel waste separation systems – such as the Öko xxliner – also excel in terms of assembly-friendliness. Coming with the Vauth-Sagel EasyFit quality seal, the systems offer considerable benefits particularly for initial assembly: each product is supplied with detailed step-by-step instructions. An installation template to be additionally applied helps the fitter to correctly position and drill the holes for the drawer. Individual systems are supplied with plastic installation aids, making assembly even faster and simpler. Once installed, the entire system can be aligned by means of 3D adjustment, while available front panels can be simply mounted onto the frame without tools.
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