Stream A with AirForce System and Winner W4 – Seamless integration of flexible edgebanding!
Biesse’s Stream A is an industrial edgebanding machine designed to create a new standard in automatic edgebanding.  An innovative, modern, ergonomic design is combined with productivity, efficiency and flexibility for the application of all types of edge-banding material.  
At IWF, we will be demonstrating the Stream A equipped with the award winning AirForce System developed by Biesse that now allows companies of all sizes access to the green benefits of the top invisible glue line quality given by laser edges without the need of a complex and expensive laser system. AirForce emits very forceful, very hot compressed air through a slot nozzle directly onto the reactive layer of commonly available laser banding to active that layer and bond the banding to the substrate. 
In addition, the Stream A has been integrated with Biesse’s Winner W4, fully automated system for returning and unloading parts, delivering a perfect combination of efficiency and simplicity.  The W4 can be seamlessly integrated with a wide range of Biesse single sided edgebanders allowing one operator to control an entire edgebanding line with return and stacking capabilities.  
The system rotates, unloads and stacks the panels at the end of each machining cycles and with its’ size measuring sensors, also has the ability to create stacks of different sized panels and check their stability.  This translates into a 25% increase in production and a reduction in labor cost.  Visit our booth #7153 at IWF for a demonstration on this new innovative technology.

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