A new boring/inserting machine – just unveiled at IWF 2016 – uses Lockdowel fasteners to completely automate the boring/inserting process.

The Laguna Tools’ SmartShop LD4 automatic boring/inserting machine has been designed exclusively for use by cabinet manufacturers that use Lockdowel fasteners.

LD4 drills and inserts Lockdowel Eclip products directly into panels. The fully-automatic machine could revolutionize the manufacture of cabinets of all types, says Laguna.

The SmartShop LD4 can be used in conjunction with a SmartShop CNC router to create a complete fastening solution for a wide variety of cabinet needs. The LD4 has four zones and two drilling units – one for 5mm and one for 8mm. Featured are two vibratory barrels, which have the ability to insert 30mm or 40mm spring pins and Lockdowel EClips, HClips, or channel locks.

The process can be completely automated; the LD4 takes parts directly from the CNC machine and then horizontally bores Lockdowel Hclips and spring pins into panels.

EClips allow any manufacturer with a CNC machining center and edge-boring capability to simplify manufacturing, packaging, warehousing and transportation processes by flat-packing finished goods.  Fast and easy final assembly can then occur on-site.  EClips is particularly suited to RTA applications; furniture, cabinets, cabinet doors, casegoods, closets, picture frames, and much more.

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