Tightening the joint with new types of fasteners is on the radar for wood manufacturers. The new breed of hardware requiring unique machining of panel and solid wood is shaping up to be a top joinery story for IWF 2016 in August.

Fasteners from OVVO

Exhibitors have been providing Woodworking Network with a steady stream of information about fastener hardware intended to simplify construction of millwork and casegoods, for applications ranging from windows and doors to ready-to-assemble flat pack furniture; or for onsite construction of prefabricated cabinets. 

OVVO, based in Ireland, will be showing its Connection System (in Booth 2400), a push fit fastener that joins two pieces of material without clamping or glue. Indicative of the importance of this type of fastener solution, the Connection System made the 2016 IWF Challengers semi-finalist list.


FastenLink is patent-pending fastening sytem that replaces wooden dowels needed for adjoining pieces in place. 
The pending patent is on the plastic design and the groove that is cut into the tip of the dowel, creating a shoulder that slides into the “ramp” - a tapered groove cut into the wood which guides the FastenLink dowel until it clicks into the locked position, connecting the adjoining pieces into place. FastenLink made the 2016 IWF Challengers Finalists 
Titus, a pre-eminent name in automating the fastener in production process, will show its range of solutions at Booth 1307, including this steel and zinc Combi-dowel. Titus also features FastFit technology for rapid production, and cam Quickloc technology to improve the consumer experience - called "Consumer Assembly Friendliness" -  in ready to assemble furniture.
Titus Combi-dowel

Joinlox will show its rapid assembly system, the Striplox product line in Booth 3145. The  Australian-based Joinlox www.joinlox.com, is distributed in the United States by several hardware distributors.

As a result of the success of the Striplox system and following its Visionary Award at AWFS, Striplox soon be warehoused within the continental U.S.  (Image by Bernie Bottens.)

The patented Striplox range fills a large gap in the joining and fastening market, leading to the opening of that new North American distribution center to further service international market demand in the US, Canada and Europe.  Striplox was named a 2016 IWF Challengers semi-finalist.

Lockdowel has been making a steady wave of announcements since it first launched its joinery system based on metal and plastic fasteners and custom drilling. 

Lockdowel offers two systems: the Lockdowel Component System (CS), three-piece component hardware, aimed at automated manufacturing; and its new EClips system, a single-piece fastener which it says is best suited for custom or RTA applications. The EClips line has recently expanded to include hinges and drawer slides featuring ChanneLock technology.

Lockdowel says automated CNC boring and insertion solutions for EClips will be available in 2016, and both fastening systems are available in the Cabinet Vision hardware library. The Lockdowel component system is installed during the manufacturing process. EClips can be installed in the plant or on-site. Both fasteners allow finished goods to be flat-packed and built on-site up to 80 percent faster than standard assembly methods. At IWF Lockdowel will show the results of its partnerships with Stiles, Cabinet Vision, Allmoxy, Advanced Machinery, Trim Art and Lewis Cabinets. It recently presented a Shop Automation seminar in Salt Lake with more than 100 customers attending.  

Lockdowel is also working with SCM and Laguna Tools to complete joint marketing efforts to launch a new Lockdowel drill/insert machine at IWF. This is the culmination of a 2-year joint effort to develop equipment that is specifically designed for automated production using Lockdowel fasteners. "We understand from customers that they expect to see a reduction in cabinet assembly time from 15 minutes to 5 minutes with Lockdowel Eclips fasteners," says Lockdowel's Dick Brown. "That is a big story to our potential customers."  

Lockdowel's newest introductions for IWF 2016 were also contenders for the Challengers Award. See them in Booth 4240

Rampa Tec (Booth 1153), is based in Toronto. It's Rampa insets and fasteners are made by one of Germany’s leading fastener manufacturers, Hans Bruegmann GMBH & Co. Based out of Southern Ontario, Canada RAMPA TEC. Inc. services and warehouses stock for the North American market and has been increasing activities in the Canadian and U.S. markets.

Samet, based in Turkey, will show its furniture fasteners at IWF 2016, in Booth 2849. Among the company's offerings are the Samfix for corner connections of wood components, screwing bolt into the dowel - assembling two vertically adverse wood surfaces with each other. Due to the expansion of the dowel, furniture can very simply be assembled and disassembled, Samet says. The Jetfix functions similarly, but the bolt and dowel are an all-in-one product. 

Stafast, exhibiting in Booth 1933, offers a complete line of cost effective fasteners which includes T-Nuts, lock nuts, propell nuts, threaded knock-in and ultrasonic inserts for wood and plastic, RTA assembly systems, clip systems, decorative bolts and screws, weld nuts, cap nuts, riv nuts, custom designed fasteners, T-Nut automation, etc.  


Invis, an invisible, detachable joinery system by Lamello, will be in Booth 4839. Starting with the innovative concept of using the magnetic field to turn a fastener, Invis now features solutions for various applications. Invis North America also develops a number of custom specific solutions for its clients, including aerospace, medical, stair and furniture markets. Invis magnet driven connection now has an even higher clamping force than before -250kg of clamping force per connector. The Mx2 System can powerfully join workpieces, yet it detaches in seconds, and the fasteners are completely invisble - no openings, no protective caps, no filler.  www.swissinvis.com  

Here are all the companies that selected "fasteners" at the online IWF product category guide.
Advanced Affiliates, Inc. 2000
Amerfit Hardware Inc. 1929
American Bolt & Screw 1414 First-Time Exhibitor
Bessey Tools North America 4329
Brackin Wholesale Industrial Supplies and Coatings 1325
Colonial Saw Company, Inc. 6529
Deerwood Fasteners 2729 Deerwood Fasteners
Eagle Mouldings, Inc 1863
Fastenlink 4761 Fastenlink
Hafele America Co. 2837
Heartland Fasteners, LLC 1308
Heico Fasteners, Inc. 4556
Hoffmann Machine Company, Inc. 6552
Intertek Industrial Corp. 1336
INVIS by Lamello 4839
Lee's Decorative Showcase / DADS NAILS 4242
  Lockdowel 4240
  Long May Industrial Co. Ltd. 1961
  Master Magnetics, Inc. 4522 Master Magnetics, Inc.
  Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. 1853
  OVVO 2700 OVVO First-Time Exhibitor
  Prona Tools Inc. 2524
RAMPA TEC Inc 1153 First-Time Exhibitor
  Red Horse USA, Inc. 4667
  Richelieu Hardware 2007
  Salice America, Inc. 2833
  Selby Furniture Hardware Co., Inc. 1907
  Senco Brands, Inc. 8100
  Sigma Tool & Machine 1337
  Stafast Products, Inc. 1933
  Striplox 3145 First-Time Exhibitor
  Titus Group 1307
  U2 Fasteners 3952 First-Time Exhibitor
  Utility Composites / Raptor 4259
  Wood Technology, Inc. 1343
  Woodworker's Supply, Inc. 6528

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