These Wood Machinery Manufacturers Association member companies will be exhibiting at the International Woodworking Fair, August 24-27 at the World Congress Center in Atlanta. Find out more about these key wood manufacturing industry suppliers as you plan your IWF 2016 visit. (This listing sponsored by WMMA.)

Company Name Website Booth Product
A & H Industries Inc. 4523 Diamond Tooling
AceCo Precision Manufacturing 5423 Cutterheads
Adams Wood Products, Inc. 1407 Cabinet, components, doors and fronts
AikenControls  4860 Computer software, CNC, material handling
Air Handling Systems 5518 Dust collecting
American Adhesive Coatings, LLC  3233 Adhesives, hotmelts
American Fabric Filter Co. 7347 Air Filters
American RENOLIT Corporation 1517 Coatings, finishes, laminates
Apquip Company 6461 Adhesives, glues
ARMINIUS Tooling, Inc. 7147 Abrasives wheels
Axiom Industries, Inc. 6435  
Baker Products 7527 Woodworking machinery
Becker Pumps Corp. 5455 Vacuum systems
Benz Incorporated 8173 Tooling
Black Bros. Co. 5412 Laminate machinery and systems
Box on Demand 7522  
C.A. Technologies 2653 Finishing systems & equipment
C.R. Onsrud Inc. 5013 Woodworking machinery
CAMaster CNC Inc. 7935 CNC equipment, machining centers
Carter Products Company, Inc. 5501 Measuring devices, parts
Castle, Inc. 7747 Assembly systems
CERATIZIT 7135 Coatings, cutting tools, drills
CompX Security Products 2733 Cabinet hardware
Connexus Industries, Inc. 7423 Band saws, material handling equipment
Cresswood Shredding Machinery 4816 Woodwaste disposal
CRP Industries 4847 Industrial
CSE Automation, LLC  8169 Clamps, door making, dovetail machines
Decore-ative Specialties 3353 Cabinet hardware & accessories
Diehl Machines 7383 Saws
Dodds Company, Alexander 6029 Dovetail machines
Donaldson Torit 8258 Dust collecting
Dotul / Global Sales Group 4217 Various woodworking machinery
Dubois Equipment Company, Inc. 6575 Finishing systems & equipment 8174 Dust collecting
Eagle Machinery & Supply Inc / Wood Eye 8013 Various woodworking machinery
EXEL North America, Inc. - Kremlin Rexson 3023 Finishing systems & equipment
FELDER Group USA 7535 CNC, woodworking machinery
Felins USA, Inc. 5913 Packaging pads
Flamex, Inc. 5901 Fire detectors, extinguishers
Fletcher Machine Company, Inc. 6452 CNC, woodworking machinery
Franklin International 2020, 2026 Adhesives
Freeborn Tool Company 5419 Cutting tools
FS Tool Corporaion 6947 Tooling
Funder America, Inc. 2037 Laminating components
Goodspeed - Intorex s/a. 6535  
GRACO, Inc. 2033 Finishing systems & equipment
Grass America Inc. 2137 Cabinet, drawer hardware
Great Lakes Custom Tool Mfg., Inc. 7239 Tooling
Hasko / Mekanika 8021 Vacuum lifts
J. Schneeberger Corp. 7328 Grinding
Jenkins System & Service LLC 7100 CNC, woodworking machinery
KCD Software 1507 Computer software
Kerfkore Company 2161 Solid wood, wood products
Kern Laser Systems 4723 Lasers
Klingspor Abrasives, Inc. 1924 Abrasives
Knape & Vogt 3053 Cabinet, drawer hardware
Komo Machine Inc. 5547 CNC machinery
Kreg Tool Company 4846 Woodworking machinery
KVAL, Inc. 4835 CNC, woodworking machinery
Larick Machinery Inc. 5046 Abrasives, woodworking machinery
Lauderdale-Hamilton, Inc.   6000  
LMT Onsrud LP 5113 Cutting tools
M.L. Campbell 2537 Coatings
Mastercam / CNC Software, Inc. 4429 CNC, computer software
Masterduct, Inc. 8162 Dust collecting
Mereen-Johnson LLC 5567 CNC, woodworking machinery
Microvellum Inc. 4666 Woodworking software
Miltec UV 6912 Coatings
Mohawk Finishing Products 2661 Finishing equipment
MultiCam, Inc. 6129 CNC
NAP GLADU / Techniks 5213 Woodworking machinery
Nederman 7921  
Newman Machine Company, Inc. 6929 Woodworking machinery
Nordson Corporation 5052 Adhesives, coatings
Northland Corporation 1949 Lumber
Northwest Hardwoods, Inc. 4535 Lumber
Opti-Sand Incorporated 7221 Sanding machinery
Original Saw Company  4852  
OSAI USA 7191 CNC tooling
Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. 1853 Hardware
Peerless Saw Company 6524 Cutting tools
Pillar Machine 6990 CNC
Plum Creek MDF, Inc. 1636 Medium density fiberboard
Precision Drive Systems 4300  
RazorGage, Technical Services, Inc. 7713 Saw fence systems
Red Horse USA, Inc. 4667 Hand tools
Rees-Memphis, Inc. 4853 Dust collecting, detectors
REHAU Industries 4735 Edgebanding, components
Royce-Air Cutting Tools Inc. 7173 Cutting tools
Safety Speed Manufacturing 4913 Cutting tools
SawStop 7146 Saw safety
Schmidt Co., Inc., Charles G.G.  5514 CNC, woodworking machinery
SHOPCARTS/adapa, Inc. 5558 Material handling
Silver Machine, Inc. 8053  
Southeast Tool, Inc. 5768 Cutting tools
Southworth Products Corp. 7714 Material handling
Stafast Products, Inc. 1933 Hardware
Super Thin Saws Inc. 5546 Cutting tools
SuperMax Tools 7372  
Taylor / Cameron / JLT  5535 Clamp carriers
Tenn-Tex Plastics, Inc. 2153 Hardware
Terminus 6429 Cutterheads
The Sherwin-Williams Company 2507, 7838  
Thermwood Corporation 6513 CNC, woodworking machinery
Tiger Stop LLC 6769 Saw fence systems
TIGRA USA Inc. 4834 Cutting tools
Timesavers LLC 6428 Sanding equipment
TradeSoft, Inc. 2607 Computer software
Triple Crown Products, Inc. 4639 Safety equipment
T-Tool USA LLC 7429 Toolholders
U-C Coatings 2071 Adhesives, coatings
Unique Machine & Tool Co. 6013 CNC, woodworking machinery
US Concepts, Inc. 7329 Sanding
USNR 4747 Software, woodworking machinery
Vecoplan, LLC 7847 Woodwaste disposal
Veneer Services 8013 Machinery
Veneer Technologies, Inc. 2067  
Voorwood Company 6412 CNC, woodworking machinery
Vortex Tool Co., Inc. 6113 Cutting tools
Williams & Hussey Machine Co., Inc. 6419 Moulders, planers
Wood-Mizer LLC 6773 Band saws
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