GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Stiles Machinery says it looks ahead to continued growth and expansion in the North American market, with prospects high for a very active IWF 2016, the largest trade show in North America that caters to the woodworking and plastics industries.  Stiles has expanded its booth from the show in 2014 to nearly 26,000 sq. ft. and plans to exhibit over 50 lines of machinery.

“The goal this year is to provide our guests a comprehensive experience of all of Stiles Machinery’s many attributes,” explains Chris Dolbow, IWF show chairman at Stiles. Stiles says its booth facilities are new and improved and offer the show attendee choices on how they would like to experience their visit to the Stiles’ booth.  Improved sight lines, graphics, hospitality experience, machine presentation, and advanced digital interaction are all hallmarks of Stiles’ vastly enhanced presentation at IWF 2016.

Machinery to be shown at IWF 2016:


Leverage greater accuracy, cost-effectiveness, flexibility and work cell intelligence to gain added efficiency in your manufacturing process.  Stiles is excited to introduce the next step in batch size one production – combining the new HOLZMA HPS 320 flexTec automatic single line cutting system with Industry 4.0 to offer a fully-automated Batch Size One Work Cell geared towards eliminating human handling and ensuring consistent and repeated production rate and sequence.


Increase capabilities in high production manufacturing by leveraging 5axis technology to combine production flexibility and speed.  Stiles is proud to introduce the new WEEKE Venture 115 5-Axis CNC machining center with revolutionary compact technology and 360° of additional freedom.


For manufacturers producing door and furniture tops with changing sizes and shapes of parts, Stiles will be demonstrating the Wemhöner Variopress' Basic 1000 Plus Membrane Press which eliminates the need for fixture boards and provides speed and efficiency for medium to high production.

The VENJAKOB Perfect Spray from Stiles

The VENJAKOB Perfect SPRAY will be demonstrating its unique design to minimize color changeover time while maximizing transfer efficiency – along with new curing technology of the VARIO DRY OVEN to replace complex, unreliable multi-chamber vertical ovens.


For furniture and fixture manufacturers seeking the finest in precision and accuracy, Stiles will be demonstrating how to employ seamless adhesion by reactivating the function layer on the edging material with HOMAG Group’s innovative airTec zero edge technology.


Manufacturers of architectural products, millwork and flooring will be excited to experience Stiles will be running live demonstrations on the SYSTEM TM 5000 Crosscut Saw, featuring MICROTEC’s safer and more effective scanning optimization technology to detect defects in wood.

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