Portable CNC Router Tables Work With Porter-Cable, Bosch Routers
Portable CNC Router Tables Work With Porter-Cable, Bosch Routers

Portable CNC Router Tables Work With Porter-Cable, Bosch RoutersATLANTA - Next Wave Automation is outfitting shops large and small with CNC technology through its Ready2Lift router table and CNC Pirhana router system.

Ready2Lift, a motorized router lift on display in booth 7884 at the 2014 International Woodworking Fair, provides, with the touch of a button, quick and accurate router bit height positions within .001 of an inch.

Ready2Lift can also be used and integrated with the Ready2Rout automated fence, allowing users to calibrate fence position and perform joinery applications. Preloaded and downloadable apps will also automate adjustments. Box joints, for example, can be selected from a list on the control screen and the router will adjust automatically after completing each cut.

“Woodworkers no longer have to deal with the frustration and complexity of different types of joinery jigs. With Ready2Lift and Ready2Rout, they can press a few buttons and begin producing quality Box Joints, Dovetails and many more complex and decorative joints” says Next Wave Automation founder and president, Tim Owens.

“With a simple touch of the LCD screen, Ready2Lift moves the bit in relation to the table top, while Ready2Rout moves the fence in relation to the bit."

Ready2Lift is a finalist in the IWF Challengers Awards competition.

Portable CNC Router Tables Work With Porter-Cable, Bosch RoutersAlso on display at IWF 2014, Next Wave's CNC Pirhana, allows woodworkers to complete complex routing and joinery functions including carvings, plaques, ornamental boxes and precision parts quickly and precisely with repeatable results. It is designed to work with compact routers such as the Bosch Colt.

Users change router bits by manually adjusting the collet. The Pirhana Touch Plate updates the interface with the depth coordinates.

“With Piranha, CNC functionality is both smart and more affordable,” Owens says.

The CNC Pirhana will be available in September, 2014 with an MSRP of $1,599.00.


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