Micro Fence Router Base Has Small Footprint

ARLETA, CA - Richard Wedler, president of Micro Fence®, announced the release of their new small foot-print Micro Plunge Base.

The tool offers the ultimate in portability and precision for close-tolerance jobs like installing hinges, fine detailing, inlay work, guitar building, model railroading, scale model or miniature making, picture framing and smaller routing requirements.

The new Micro Plunge Base can be made to accept a number of different high- speed rotary tools and pencil die grinders. When paired with a Dremel tool it offers impressive stability with the benefit of micrometer control (to . 001”), for horizontal and vertical adjustments.

Fitted with the new Dremel 8200 Cordless 12V and your rig is completely un-tethered. “We started with a four inch diameter base and basically copied its bigger Micro Fence brother in miniature. It’s compatible with our original Edge Guide/ Circle Jig and all other Micro Fence® Accessories...it weighs in at about three pounds.

We have also added an excellent variety of end mills and 1/8”- shank cutting tools as well as extended-shank types to our website listings.” Micro Fence® is introducing the Micro Plunge Base at IWF this year (August 22-25, Atlanta).

Projected price point is targeted at $349 and will be viewable in the New Products Showcase and at booth #5334. At the show, we will be offering the opportunity for pre-production ordering.


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