ATLANTA- Kastamonu, one of the leading global wood-based panel producers, plans to use its IWF 2016 exhibition in Booth 1359 to position itself as a supplier in the U.S. market. 
Kastamonu Entegre, which was established under Hayat Holding in 1969, says it is rapidly moving towards its goal of increasing its 25-50 percent share in the Turkish market to become a regional leader. Kastamonu will become a leading producer in its region with the six new factories it will be opening in the next five years in Turkey and abroad with $700 million in investments.
Kastamonu Entegre, one of the two major multinational companies of Hayat Holding, says it aims to become a global brand in the wood-based panels industry, and that it is working to meet client expectations at the highest level - adding value to comfortable living areas with high quality, innovative, reliable and environmentally friendly products.
Kastamonu Entegre generated $1.2 billion consolidated turnover realized in 2015, ranking 4th in the sector in Europe, and 7th in the world. Kastamonu Entegre has 13 plants in 5 countries at 10 different locations. Those include, in Turkey; Kastamonu, Gebze, Balıkesir, Samsun, Tarsus and Adana, as well as Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today, with approximately 5,400 employees, from Central America to India, it exports to over 93 countries.

Wood panel products

Kastamonu's range of products consists of raw and melamine faced particleboard, MDF, laminate flooring, high gloss panel, door skin, worktop, and other value added products for the furniture, decoration, and the construction industry. It produced 70 million square meters of laminate flooring and 19.5 million units of door skin last year year. It has a total production capacity of 5 million cubic meters of  MDF and chipboard. 


The company has all the quality certificates and systems required in the international arena. Kastamonu Entegre produces in conformity with TSE and Europe norms (EN) . In addition to ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 (occupational Health and Safety), ISO 50001 (Energy management), FSC (Sustainable Forest Management) certificates, CARB Phase 2 (California Air Resources Board). 


Kastamonu Entegre which gives priority to R&D activities, and claims to provide a significant competitive advantage with its innovative, environmentally sensitive, and reliable brands and  produces with 100 percent sustainable and renewable wood raw material.
With a high level of consciousness for the environment and social responsibility, Kastamonu Entegre is one of two major partners of the ENAT (establishment and development of industrial forest plantations project).

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