HIGH POINT, N.C. - Indaux, a furniture ironwork manufacturer since 1962, will be participating in the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta from the August 24-27.
This is the fourth time that the Indaux brand has participated in this fair, although this year there is important news: for the first time, it is going as Indaux United States, after opening the American subsidiary in High Point - North Carolina - the furniture industry's hub.
Indaux's main draw for the American market lies in its extraordinary flexibility, adapting ironwork to the local products, its quick response time and its vast knowledge of the market, drawing support from Werner Bosch who has been working for the ironwork industry for 30 years. These three variables are oriented toward achieving utmost customer satisfaction, since the same manufacturer offers both technical and commercial service to its clients.
"At our headquarters, Indaux invests both in knowledge and in machinery so that our ironwork is top quality, with the best innovation and providing top value to our clients," explains Mikel Arzallus, the brand's commercial manager.
Indaux USA has set reinforcing its sales network with a solid team of multi-brand representatives as a short-term goal. Mid-term, the goal is to multiply its sales in the United States by five. The products that will be exhibited include the Junior-6 sliding doors, the double-walled drawers, Ariane and Attraction and the spiral assemblies and centring components for drawers.
Indaux was first christened as Industrias Auxiliares in Getaria (Spain), birthplace of the designer Cristóbal Balenciaga, in 1962. It started up as a small workshop, specialised in manufacturing furniture components. Today, Indaux is one of the European leaders in the ironwork industry and has become a flagship brand internationally, present in over 80 countries with over 100 registered patents, a catalogue with 10,000 references and more than 2,000 clients all over the world.
Indaux, fabricante de herrajes para muebles desde 1962, participará en International Woodworking Fair (IWF) de Atlanta entre el 24 y el 27 de agosto. Se trata de la cuarta participación de la marca Indaux en esta feria, si bien este año hay una gran novedad: por primera vez se presenta como Indaux Estados Unidos, después de que en 2015 abriese su filial americana en Higth Point.

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