MAMER, Luxembourg - At IWF 2016 Ceratizit is presenting three KCR carbide grades for wood machining. The carbide expert manufactures knives and saw tips from chrome grades for tool producers under the brand name Toolmaker Solutions by Ceratizit. The product line offers customers wear-resistant solutions for the machining of particle and fibre boards, hard and soft wood as well as composite materials.
The carbide producer Ceratizit has extended the standard product portfolio of the competence brand Toolmaker Solutions by Ceratizit adding three corrosion-resistant grades: the totally innovative grades in the range are KCR02+ for the machining of highly abrasive wood materials such as MDF and HDF boards, and grade KCR32 for high cutting performance under extreme machining conditions, for example with frozen lumber.
The already available universal grade KCR08 for knives and blanks is now also available as a standard article. "Our KCR grades are extremely corrosion-resistant, extraordinarily tough and highly wear-resistant which results in an increase of the tool life of up to 20 %. In this way we provide tool makers with decisive competitive advantages," explains Michael Magin, development manager for wood and stone machining.
KCR08 – universal standard grade
The submicron chrome grade KCR08 forms now part of the standard range of Toolmaker Solutions by Ceratizit replacing the previous HC05 grade. Suitable for universal application, it can be used for cutting melamine laminated particle boards, HDF and MDF boards as well as hard and soft woods or composite materials. KCR08 is resistant to corrosion and oxidation and wear in general. Thanks to the improved performance capacity of the carbide, production processes are more economic and require fewer tool changes.

KCR02+ – nano-grade for the machining of MDF and HDF

The carbide experts from CERATIZIT have developed KCR02+ for the machining of highly abrasive wood materials such as MDF and HDF boards. The new nano-grade combines the mechanical properties of the ultrafine grade SMG02 with the advantages of an alloyed binder which optimises toughness and makes the carbide corrosion-resistant. KCR02+ is highly wear-resistant, and both easy to braze and weld. The chrome grade is available in standard and individual geometries for saw tips and knives.

KCR32 – the grade with high fracture toughness for extreme conditions

Grade KCR32 from Toolmaker Solutions by Ceratizit ensures excellent cutting performance in high impact applications such as sawing of frozen lumber and hardwoods with knots or nails. KCR32 offers customers 15 % improved fracture toughness when compared to the current grade GC32. The coarse grain grade improves tool life while offering high corrosion resistance.
Visitors of IWF will receive more information from August 24-27 on the KCR product line from Toolmaker Solutions by Ceratizit at booth 7135.

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