BRAIDWOOD, Ill. - Industry leading woodworking companies have donated to Reed-Custer High School in Braidwood, Illinois which offers industrial technology classes with a program that covers a wide range of woodworking materials and equipment, including the latest for programming and CNC operations.

Recent donating companies include, Franklin International, Autodesk-ArtCAM, Thermwood Corporation, and Microvellum, Inc.

Franklin International, a manufacturer of adhesives and sealants, has donated TiteBond II adhesive to the program's students. 

Franklin says Titebond promises technical expertise, unsurpassed product quality with Titebond II offering superior performance on all common wood species, particleboard, MDF, plywood and other porous materials.

Titebond II wood glue passes the ANSI Type II water-resistance specification, FDA approved for indirect food contact, and is offered in Premium, Extend, Dark Wood, and Fluorescent. 

ArtCAM, creators of Autodesk, has donated 20 seats to the industrial technology program.

Thermwood, a manufacturer of CNC routers, has donated a banner for the program’s shop.

Microvellum Inc., a manufacturer of woodworking software in AutoCAD, has partnered with the industrial technology program to deliver software training.

Any member or organization in the community with a particular need for a wood product is able to commission the students of the production class with the purchase of materials and a donation of $2,000 to the program.

With the intrustrial technology program, freshman and/or sophomores start with the orientation to technology class where they learn to use AutoCAD to design a project in the CAD portion of CAD/CAM. From there, students can move on to the production class where they are given the opportunity to work on a range of projects.

"Since 1996 my students and I have been building partnerships [within the] industry to help support industrial technology education," said instructor Mark Smith. "Our partners make an advanced manufacturing program possible by supplying technical support, networking opportunities, internships, field trips, and material donations. Without our supporters, the educational experience my students have come to expect...would not exist."

In order to obtain an in-depth learning experience and post-graduate opportunities, Smith affiliated the program with the Woodwork Career Alliance (WCA) allowing students the opportunity to receive WCA passports and certifications. 

A full list of industry partners can be viewed here.

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