Would you like new business every month that doesn’t rely on constant prospecting?
If your answer is yes, I can help you reach professional partners (remodelers, architects, contractors and designers) for increased sales AND satisfaction.
I know I can because that’s what I do. 
I knew early on that working with top-notch interior designers and architects was my path to success. I wanted to be able to create awesomely-designed spaces that both they and their clients would love. I wanted to be considered a “part of the team” while making them look smart for partnering with me. 
And at that time I had my eye on one of the top interior design firms in  Chicago. This was before social media even existed, so I had to make direct contact. And I had to do it with a lot of hutzpa because the company I was working with had botched a series of projects for them and ignored all of their calls for help. 
As I watched this unfold, I decided to step in and take care of things myself. They didn’t know who I was, but they let me resolve that client issue and in the midst of that, I got them to agree to let me come in and talk about what I could offer them. 
The president of the firm was at the presentation just waiting to see how I was going to handle this mess.  I shared some of the gory details about these projects run amuck, apologized (even though I had nothing to do with the errors) and promised that if they gave me the opportunity to partner with them, I would always respond and always make them look good in front of their clients. 
That was 2005 and I’ve been doing referral business with that firm ever since. And that’s through my evolution as an employee of two different companies to my owning my own business today. We’ve worked together through all of it.
Not all stories are as twisted as that one. 
And now, in 2017, I’ve got a whole new set of tools in my toolkit that allow me to connect and partner with professionals for long-term working relationships.
Uber focused target marketing is the key to differentiating yourself in a multiple bid marketplace.
The strategies and tactics I’m going to share with you are the opposite of running ads and hoping people will find you. 
My tactics are focused on selecting the partners you want to work with and pursuing them in a variety of ways until you get them to 'yes'.
The lifetime value of those leads is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The pride and satisfaction I experience from co-creating is beyond measure (whether that’s tape measure or laser :))
If you’d like to create some of the same, or help your team do this, then register now for my live session on January 26th:
I’ve built my business utilizing the things I’m going to share with you in this webinar, which include: 
What works in the world of sales and marketing in 2017 as it relates specifically to the Design/Build industries 
Specific reasons for, and benefits from, creating professional partnerships 
Addressing the specific needs of each niche’ (architects, remodelers, contractors, and designers)
And I’m doing it because getting in front of the right people who can refer a continuous flow of business to you is an incredibly profitable and joyful way to work your business.
Most of us approach business from a lead generation perspective, with monies going to Google in some form of paid search.
But what if you don’t have the budget for that? 
Or better yet, what if paid search isn’t the most cost effective based on the lifetime value of a lead?
Working with other professionals who have the same customer service values as you do creates a win for everyone - the clients, your professional partners and you.
It gets you out of the price-shopping, commodity mentality and opens you up to much more lucrative (and creative) opportunities.
Whether you have a solo design practice, are part of a sales team or manage a larger business, I’m betting that referral business is your favorite way to increase sales.
There’s both a science and an art to reaching busy professionals like remodelers, architects, builders and designers. 
Having these kinds of partnerships who refer business to you on a continual basis is a first choice for every business I talk with. 
But most just give that idea lip service, never focusing resources on getting the attention and trust of these potential professional partners.
Are you among this majority?
Well, don’t be.
I’m going to share effective, implementable ideas to reach the people that will increase profits.
Working with right partners can bring in consistent business leads and projects without all the prospecting. 
Most of us are in the industry to help others get better (and more beautiful) results from remodeling projects - whether it’s kitchen, bath, closet or another storage area in the home.
I’m going to show you how to get in front of the people and partners for a continuous flow of projects.
So I invite you to join me LIVE on THURSDAY, JANUARY 26TH https://butchkoandcompany.leadpages.co/reach-architects-remodelers-desig...
It will be a fun, information-packed session guaranteed to bring you more business if you implement even one of the ideas I’ll share during the class.

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