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At LIGNA 2013: Putsch Panel Saw Clamp Lifts for Bottom Cut

Putsch-Meniconi added a new clamping system to its SVP 420 CS vertical panel saws, displayed at the LIGNA 2013 tradeshow in Hannover, Germany. “Our group introduced a new variation of our SVP 420 vertical panel saw, featuring a proprietary clamping system that will lift and hold panels securely so the operator can cut the bottom of a panel without having to remove and rotate the panel,” said J. Robert Tate, North American Sales - Saw Division, Putsch & Company Inc. The removable clamps, a Putsch-Meniconi exclusive system, are positioned at a distance to allow the lifting of heavy and large panels and to help avoid heavy rotation operations. This system is in addition to other features of the SVP 420 such as the independent motor for the scoring unit and the sliding of the carriage/saw unit on linear guides. The SVP 420 also features an automatic shifting frame to avoid the cutting of the plastic strips during horizontal cuts; a self-braking motor; bottom aluminum supports with phenolic soles; lift-up rollers to ease the sliding of the panels; N° 2 stops for vertical cuttings; a short piece cutting device and a sliding support for narrow pieces. Putsch-Meniconi is a manufacturer of vertical and horizontal beam saws for cutting wood, plastic and glass materials. The company was founded in1956 and is situated in Poggibonsi, Italy, in the province of Siena, and is a branch of the German Group Putsch.