Traditionally, the linen closet was full of just that: towels, sheets, and, well, linens. But now, the linen closet doesn’t always mean a closet full of linens, it can also be a closet made out of linen. A new finish for furniture is now available in Europe, and is being used in dressing rooms, bathroom furniture, and elsewhere, and clients are loving it.

The calming influence of linen has long been a summer favorite from Nantucket to Saint-Tropez, and now that elegance and texture has been transferred from the clothing, to furniture that stores the clothing.

Instead of light or dark wood, people are opting for this melamine that conveys a sophisticated attitude which many are seeking for their homes.

It is easy for a customer to imagine, walking into their dressing room and being surrounded with a texture and muted tones that convey timeless beauty. The visual calm of the color (available in various tones) creates a background to show off your wardrobe instead of competing with it; and the texture makes for a surface savory to the touch.

The tradition and elegance of the line furniture is at home in both urban and rural settings, the look will combine with a variety of styles and settings, and will enchant for years to come.

This linen melamine is one of the newer 3D melamine finishes that have nothing to do with their forbearers. In our store, it has quickly become one of the biggest sellers. We combine the linen colors with warm LED lighting, and use the material in many different settings. The darker linen is used more in an urban atmosphere, whilst the lighter linen used in rural or beach areas. Mostly it is used in dressing rooms, but also combines well in bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Furthermore, the neutral color combines virtually with any pallet and can integrate with any color scheme.

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