Storage of equipment can be challenging for the sports enthusiast. Kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, hockey, basketball, baseball, football, tennis, golf are just a few of the popular sports, which require gear from poles and helmets to shoulder pads, hockey sticks and golf bags. And sometimes that gear is heavy or oddly formed.

Generally, home owners tend to store their hobby and sports gear in the garage – either in cabinets or hung on slatwall. Several companies offer other options such as overhead storage racks.

Unique Lift, located in Cleveland, OH, recently launched a new electronic overhead garage storage system, which offers great appeal especially for storing seasonal, bulky sports gear.

According to the company, the welded steel storage baskets can hold up to 400 pounds and are 4 feet by 8 feet – large enough to hold the bulkiest of sports gear, including bicycles. Attached to heavy-duty, 1/8-inch steel cables, rated at 2,000 pound load and which are run through a gear box, the ½ HP motor can be easily operated by a master switch box, raising the basket above the garage door and then lowering the basket by turning the key switch.

When the storage basket is lowered to the floor, the timing shaft switches to shut-off and the cables, although slightly loose, do not unwind, allowing homeowners easy access and ease-of-use in storing their sports gear, as well as other large and seasonal items.

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